Are You Shining

Are You Shining

~ a platform to make life just a bit easier ~

1. Self Care Made Easy

simple, gentle, personalized, beautiful, and gamified checklists. all in one

2. Meditation for Everyone

Try Our Micro-Mindfulness in everyday activities: Wash dishes or eat something, notice yourself doing it for 10 seconds, and rewire your brain to be more positive, successful, and happier. #realscience

Research Library

Recommendations from research in health, wellness, relationships, success, fitness, and happiness broken into mini, actionable suggestions, at your fingertips.

positive, authentic, and supportive
Personal Space and Community

Get reminded of the good things in your life and your self, of what you love, what you're proud of.
Connect with others based on your needs and struggles, instead of bling 😉

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This app is for you if...


. . . you often feel frustrated


. . . you are under too much stress


. . . you often feel overwhelmed


. . . you often feel depressed


. . . you often feel hopeless


. . . you don't have a support system


. . . you are struggling and don't know how to move on


. . . you are not sure who you are, what your worth is


. . . you take care of everybody else and tend to neglect yourself


. . . you have goals/dreams to reach and a need gentle help


. . . you are not living your best life, not being your best self


. . . you want to be a better parent, partner, person


. . . you want to feel more fulfilled, content, even successful


. . . you need to share your struggles, anonymously, and get support


. . . you don't experience much joy nor often feel like frolicking

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We help you take care of you, in the way you need

and maybe even rewire your brain in passing

Self Care

You have daily, weekly activities that keep you afloat.
We help you make them happen.

(i.e. shower, friends, exercise, ...)


Short prompts to recharge your brainpower during everyday activities.

(i.e., Focus on the feeling of water next time you wash hands)

Research Library

Tips on how to be healthy, happy, successful collected and transformed into actionable steps.

(i.e., put on lotion after showering)

Positive Space

Lists and pictures of your happy memories and accomplishments.

Supportive, authentic, often anonymous community that lifts you up.

Self Care

= what we do to stay ok

We all have things we need to do on a daily or weekly basis to be ok - if not to feel our best, at least to function.

The Classics:

drink enough water, sleep enough, eat healthy, exercise, … 

The MamaBrains:

shower, have human contact, do something just for ourselves

The Positive Psychology Ones:

practice gratitude (to switch our perception of life into a positive one), have a close group of people (the nbr one predictor of longevity)

The Therapy Ones:

journal (to settle your thoughts and find a sense of self), meditation (to focus better, be more in charge of our emotions,…)

there are of course many more, different for each of us . . .

So how do you ensure you do all this?

Our solution:

simple. beautiful. gentle. personalized. intuitive. and gamified checklists. all in one place

Self Care

Clean Interface

We aim to help you feel comfortable and relaxed in this space. Taking a breath hopefully will help you create space in your body and your mind

Inspirational Quote

Gather inspiration into your day from some other great minds out there.

M&M Tips

Daily Micro-Mindfulness tips on how to feel less stressed and more positive while using every day activities as anchors.

Key Stats at a glance

Displays how much you recharged your brain today (M&Ms) and refilled your daily and weekly cups.

research-suggested items

The predefined activities all come from research on health, wellness, and happiness, to serve as reminders of what is out there. You can always change or revert back to them.


Choose activities that YOU need to stay afloat.
Decide how much of each is manageable. (starting with 1min absolutely counts)


Approved projects


Returning customers


Award nomination


Years of experience

About Us

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A doctor can bury his mistakes, but an architect can only advise his clients to plant vines.”

Frank Lloyd Wright

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